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Q1. Who do I contact if I want more information?

A1: For any course information contact:

Q2. How do I enrol?

A2: Click on ‘Courses’ link. Select the course title you are interested in and click the ‘Enrol’ button. Select the study option you wish to use. If you wish to study Online you will then be asked for personal details required by us to set your online username and password up. If you wish to study at one of our intensive classroom courses you can look at the course you wish to participate in with our online timetables, select it and enter the relevant personal details. You will receive a pre course learning pack prior to your start date. You can pay for both types of courses Online with either a credit/debit card regardless of the option you take.

Q3. Do I have to pay for the course up front?

A3: The majority of our students do pay for their courses upfront but in the event you wish to pay by instalments we will do our absolute best to accommodate your requirements. You will need to contact for more information about a payment plan that suits your needs.

Q4. When can I start the course?

A4: You can enrol at any time and begin studying immediately. When studying online you can access the course material at any time. If you are completing an intensive classroom based course, your resources will be sent to you as soon as your enrolment is complete.

Q5. How do I study the theory components when studying online?

A5: The theory component of the course is completed online, e.g. over the internet, using your computer. It is set out in modules or units depending on the qualification, there are pictures, animations and videos showing practical demonstrations of various exercises, along with all the written information that you will need to complete your chosen qualification. When you complete a module, your understanding is then tested with online worksheets or quizzes. Results of these will be instantly available. After successfully completing the revision worksheet or quizzes, the next step is to email your assigned tutor and arrange the formal assessments.

Q6. How do I study the practical components when studying online?

A6: Specifically designed online learning allow you to learn using a mixture of styles, PDF documents with all the theory you will need along with bespoke created video clips will show the majority of the practical components you need to be aware of. You will also be required to attend a number of training days depending on the qualification. On these training days a fully qualified Careers in Fitness tutor will enforce all of the practical elements. You will also be continually assessed on these training days to gain valuable feedback before you book in for your final assessments.

Q7. How am I assessed?

A7: Dependant on the qualification you are studying you will be required to complete practical assessment and/or theory exam/s. Some qualifications do not require exams or assessment. In these cases you will need to submit a completed portfolio as soon as you have completed the qualification. If have selected to attend an intensive classroom based course, you will complete all assessments on the designated assessment day/s on the course or after the course depending on the qualification. If and where you are required to undertake a theory exam or practical assessment upon completion of your modules/units you will need to contact Careers in Fitness via the or 0845 468 9894 to book a date and venue that suits you. Our assessment days run throughout the year. When they are depends on the qualification, they will consist of the theory and practical exams, the process will be explained clearly when booking your exam. All of our assessment days work on a first come first served basis and once all spaces are full, another assessment day will be offered.

Q8. How long do I have to complete the course when studying online?

A8: Once you have received your enrolment confirmation from us, you have a period of 12 months to complete the course.

Q9. What computer equipment do I need when studying online?

A9: Our learning is hosted through the ActiveIQ Academy, it is compatible with both apple mac’s and pc’s. There are no specific system requirements. most Windows versions should be compatible.

Q10. Can I study when I am not online?

A10. You have the ability to print the modules off as a PDF. You can then study the texts elements offline.

Q11. Are Careers in Fitness Qualifications recognised internationally?

A11: All of our courses are certified by CYQ (Central YMCA Qualifications), OCR (Oxford, Cambridge and Royal Society of Arts) and ActiveIQ. Successful completion of our courses will allow you to become a member of the REPS (Register of Exercise Professionals). Your qualifications will be recognised within the UK and also most countries throughout the world, including Australia and New Zealand.